Masterlist of doom! :D

In an effort to make my uploads easier to find and download for everyone, I made a masterlist 8D
[I just realized how confusing my download links are hihihi~]

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those tagged with *highly recommended* are based on my personal favorites, total number of youtube views, brain/ovary explosion potential, total number of fangirl deaths and number of spazzy comments I got.

Please drop a line or two if you take :) It fuels my will to keep this up and makes the effort very worth it~
If you want to share, please just lead them to this post.

A post from 2020

Wow my last post was really from 2012 huh. A lot has happened during 8 years..

But 2020! How can someone describe 2020? Its like it made people stop in time, but also more mentally exhausting than a regular year??

Thank goodness we still have Arashi this year.
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Secret, Secret Kimi wa dare na no ka

I just received a notice from the post office informing me that I have a parcel (arrived around May 28). It was addressed to "Nana".

Now I have a few guesses who the package is from (it's not like I give my address to strangers), but if anyone sent me anything lately, please tell me (tell me)! Nana is my nickname and I might have troubles claiming the package because my last name was not indicated in the notice.
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Beautiful World DVD is scheduled for release on May 23. My brother is leaving Japan on the 22nd.

This also happened with the Scene DVD before... Why Johnny?! Why?!


;___; I have to get it out of my system

There is something about the Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi performance in MS that made me teary eyed.

I'm not good with words, but the word coming out of my head is 'vulnerable'. I don't think I've seen them this way since a long long time ago. :( It's like if you push a little more, something they are holding on to (is it their smiles?) will break.

I'm not saying that their smiles are fake. More like, they are trying their best to smile. Which is understandable because a lot of people find comfort in their smiles. Especially now after the disaster.

Guh. Maybe I'm reading into these things too much.

I've been in an emotional haywire when it comes to Arashi ever since I saw this. Even though I already know they were safe when I saw that post, I cried. Just 3 simple (incomplete) sentences but I cried.  

Sometimes I see their pictures, may it be happy pictures, idiotic pictures, posing pictures, I cry. (Seriously can somebody explain what is wrong with me?)

Haah. Okay. I just want to let it out. *breathes*

Hopefully my emotional Arashi thingy will be back to normal soon.



[I'm talking about the introdon quiz game here not the bar exams XD But waiting for the results made me feel like I took the bar exams XDDDD ]


I love introdon games!! Especially Arashi Introdon games!! I'm pretty confident with my guesses here except for no. 5. I hope she releases the answers soon because I'm EXCITED.

Won't forgive myself if I got lower than 15 XD Because even in my dreams, I have these ararshi quizzes XD (not kidding! once I dreamed that I was having a test which had a question 'give 3 magazines which had Arashi appearing in checkered' ) lol.  And I had another dream where I had to dance to the song being played and I woke up because I was starting to get hyped on dancing Sakura Sake XD

Contribute to Fundraising


I'm selling my Arashi Around Asia Photobook (opened, slightly used, very good condition, not first press edition) for $15 and donating the proceeds to arashi_on's fund raising program. This is open to Phillippine (Manila) buyers willing to meetup (maybe Gateway, SM Megamall, Glorietta, we can talk where) to avoid extra payments for shipment etc.

I am including a free LE copy of One Love (opened, slightly used, very good condition) for the troubles of paying through paypal and meeting up. (And as a gift for being a part of the donation :) )

You can leave a message in my thread >here< or reply here~